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The Ideal Investment Strategy

Ideal Asset Management is investing in high quality, dividend paying companies that provide the potential for significant capital appreciation along with a wide margin of safety.With this premise in mind, our current portfolios are weighted towards stocks in recession resistant industries that trade at a large discount to their historical valuations.We believe that over the long term these companies will outperform the S&P 500 and will grow their dividends at a high single digit to mid-double digit compound annual growth rate; this further enhances returns for our investors. Such companies should benefit as money continues to move out of the bond market and into the equity market. We put an emphasis on consumer staples because they benefit from rapidly rising middle classes and population growth in emerging markets. Our strategies will continue to provide growth from these types of companies for many years to come. In addition to these companies, we also have a small percentage of our portfolio in growth companies in which we see the potential for huge capital appreciation over time.