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Investing in Companies Before They Boom

CEO Rahul Shah had the opportunity to meet Chris Latham and discuss some of his investment philosophies in an article titled “Investing in Companies Before They Boom”.

Shah discussed some of his previous undervalued purchases, namely Marvel.  He spoke about purchasing the company before Disney acquired it.

Latham states, That’s what Rahul Shah did when he put clients in Marvel Entertainment stock a couple of years before Disney purchased it in 2009 for $4 billion. Marvel had declared bankruptcy in 1996; its share price rose 45% in the months leading up to the acquisition. Shah sold it without holding Disney stock.”

Also, Latham wrote about Rahul Shah and Ideal Asset Management.

He continues, “Shah runs Ideal Asset Management, which oversees $13 million in New York for his wealthy friends and family. Instead of marketing, he has spent the last seven years honing his bottom-up approach by investing in a handful of big-name stocks. ‘It’s a good sign that my firm’s holdings outperformed the S&P 500 last year,’ he says.

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