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Terror Fears Among 10 “Gray Swans” That Could Upend 2015 Market

Ideal Asset Management’s CEO Rahul Shah was quoted in a Marketwatch article published on January 9th titled “Terror Fears Among 10 ‘Gray Swans’ That Could Upend 2015 Market”

Excerpts from the article incude:

Typically, when the U.S. begins a military intervention, oil prices rise and the dollar strengthens, while stocks and U.S. Treasury yields fall, according to Rahul Shah, CEO of Ideal Asset Management LLC.

“It’s basically the ‘fear trade’,” Shah said. “But because oil prices are so low, the U.S. equity market might not react too badly, because the rise in the price of oil would help energy stocks.”

The article goes on:

“Currency crises are actually very common throughout financial history,” Shah said. “It would require oil to drop to around $40. It doesn’t have a huge chance of happening, but there’s pretty good chance.”

Here is the link to the full article:


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