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Value Investing Outlook for the 2nd Half of the Year

So far, value stocks have underperformed in 2018 especially when compared to FANG stocks and other higher growth names in the market. This underperformance makes sense since most value stocks were either overvalued or priced for perfection entering the year. The good news for value investors is that underperformance in 2018 has made valuations more […]

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Facebook Shares Could Gain More In 2018 Than Its 55% 2017 Return

After a stellar 55% return in 2017, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) shares have the potential to return even more for investors in 2018. With the company set to announce its Q4 2017 earnings after market close on Wednesday, January 31, investors will be paying close attention to not only how the shares perform against analyst expectations, […]

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Facebook Trades At A Similar Valuation to Google, Despite Growing Twice As Fast

  When comparing two companies in the same industry, investors are usually willing to pay a higher P/E multiple for faster growth. Since the investor is getting more earnings growth from the faster growing stock the investor usually has to pay a premium vs. its slower growing counterpart. In the case of Facebook and Google […]

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