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Top Stocks for 2015

After another strong year for the S&P 500, bargains are harder to come by. However, the backdrop of an improving economy, low interest rates, and reasonable valuations, presents the astute investor with opportunities to generate strong returns. We believe there is a significant chance of a pullback in the market next year, which would present […]

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Investing in Volatile Markets

Over the past couple of months, the U.S. stock market experienced increased volatility; on September 18th, the S&P 500 closed at 2011.36 and on October 15th, it fell to 1862.49, followed by a swift rebound to a new all time high of 2031.21 on November 6th. At Ideal Asset Management, we believe it is in […]

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Investing in Companies Before They Boom

CEO Rahul Shah had the opportunity to meet Chris Latham and discuss some of his investment philosophies in an article titled “Investing in Companies Before They Boom”. Shah discussed some of his previous undervalued purchases, namely Marvel.  He spoke about purchasing the company before Disney acquired it. Latham states, “That’s what Rahul Shah did when […]

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