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Dollar General – A Compelling Buy

An important factor in finding a great investment is finding a company with long-term consistent growth. A long track record of success usually indicates a business model that thrives in any economic environment. Such companies are attractive investments because the likelihood  they will experience a substantial drop in earnings is minimal. Some of the best […]

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Free Cash Flow – A Valuable Tool

  Free Cash Flow is one of the most instructive financial metrics used to determine the financial health of a company. It is financial jargon for what is left over when one subtracts the amount of cash needed to run a business (called Capital Expenditures) from the amount of cash it generates (called Cash Flow […]

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It’s All about the Material!

When I was younger my mother would excitedly ask me to guess how much she paid for a sweater that she had bought from the store. My mom was, and still is, always looking for bargains. I would guess an absurdly low number. I would exclaim “I don’t know, 15 dollars?”. However, I was dead […]

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