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Ideal Asset Management, LLC, is a New York-based independent investment management firm. Co-founded by Rahul Shah and Anjani Agarwal in 2007, the firm specializes in serving high net worth individuals seeking to grow their assets, while minimizing risk.

The firm’s financial philosophy is based on Benjamin Graham’s principles of value investing, which strives to generate outsized returns by purchasing securities at deeply discounted prices.  This philosophy has helped Ideal Asset Management navigate and thrive through the 2008 recession.

In addition, the firm conducts its own investment analysis which allows for an unbiased and specialized interpretation of the markets. The analysis includes a combination of a bottom up approach to stock picking based on valuation metrics, analysis of industry trends and consumer sentiment. The firm uses a two-year time horizon to evaluate investments, comparing risk adjusted returns among potential investment opportunities. This approach enables Ideal Asset Management to be nimble in its investment strategy, thereby using market volatility to its advantage by rebalancing its portfolio to buy undervalued securities, and selling overvalued ones. By investing in securities with long-term prospects and undertaking its own impartial research, the firm has been able to beat the S&P 500 over the last 1 year and 5 year time frames. In 2013, Ideal Asset Management returned 37.65% vs. 29.6% the S&P 500.

Ideal Asset Management continues to find undervalued securities in today’s market and seeks to provide its clients with attractive, competitive returns that consistently beat the market.